Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peter Plum/Roy Delgado/Plum Loco Comic

The following link in this paragraph takes you to my old blog ( Roy Delgado Blog ) in which I explain my relationship with my doppelganger, Peter Plum.  This is the only way I can get to my old blog from here, since I was compromised by the Nigerians ( May 16, 2010 ). Google froze the email account and it is almost useless as I can not edit and posts or add any new blogs ( to Roy Delgado Blog ).  They hacked into my mailbox and sent phony emails purported to be me saying I had been mugged in London, robbed and my suitcase missing  . . . my wallet and credit cards were gone and I had an injured arm.  Of course it was a scam and they asked for you to send money ( Western Union to a phony Roy Delgado with an aol email address ) and that I would reimburse you back when I returned to the states.

I have started this new blog ( Plum Loco Comic ) and I essentially have made this a showcase for my brand new off-the-wall daily comic panel, Plum Loco.  I hope you like it.  Peter and I, Roy Delgado believe that this attempt will be the one, finally that will get some eyeballs looking at it in large numbers . . . If you like it, email it to a friend, bookmark it . . .  I plan to have at least one brand new one everyday . . . for a long, long time . . until everyone ( that's a lot of people ) is aware of its existence and want and NEED their 'fix' every day !  Look at it as harmless crack.  I want this comic to be something like legalized dope . . . only, unlike pot . . . Plum Loco will actually be GOOD for you !

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