Friday, July 23, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to The New Yorker

The cover of the book was based on this cartoon, which, incidentally was picked up by ( This is a site for lovers of The New Yorker Magazine ),
In the search box, at, type in:  Roy Delgado tongue-in-cheek-cartoon.
where it is noted was borrowed from Mike Lynch's Blog.

Mike had placed the remark on his blog that I had been rejected from The New Yorker Magazine over 19.000 times, ( from my estimation ).  We had been chatting at a famous watering hole in midtown NYC with Sam Gross and Felipe ( Feggo ) Galindo a couple days before and it got a lot of chatter and caused reverberations.  I STILL submit cartoons approximately every 10 days, like a damned fool ( some say ).

Now, I've reached over 20,000 rejections.

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