Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bob Tupper, Cotham, Rodrigues - Master cartoonists

Bob Tupper was a girlie cartoonist from the 50's . . . his style was influential to many upcoming neophytes like myself back then . . . around 1954 I wrote him and asked for an original and he quickly sent me this gem . . . there's something unique about holding a piece of original art from an artist you admire and you stand there looking at it at exactly the same distance as the artist when he drew it . . . it's eerie . . . you can examine and study it inch by inch . . . his mastery of the red sable brush is obvious . . . it looks like a #0 or #1 brush . . .

Frank Cotham has always been one of my top 4 NYer cartoonists of all time.  His style of humor and his unique quirky original style makes him stand out in front of most of the competition.

Here is a Charlie Rodrigues original I acquired by trading another cartoonist's cartoon original for about 15 years ago  . . . It's from his syndicated panel called simply, CHARLIE.  Rodrigues work is known mostly from his regular appearances in Playboy, The New Yorker and many major other publications.  He was one of my favorites of all time.  I miss his work.


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