Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Sat Eve Post just recently put up a website featuring some of their favorite cartoonists. Their  URL is on the title of this post.

 You may also find it by simply googling up meet-the- cartoonist roy delgado saturday evening post

( am still learning how to use this contraption , please pardon my clumsiness )


  1. Hey Roy, Really nice write up about you and your cartoons. Great gags and nice commentary by Diana Denny! As I have said before, you are truly one of the top cartoonists in the industry today. You deserve the accolades. Keep up the great, funny, and artistic work.
    Best, Gary Z.
    BTY: you need to add a couple of hyphens between the "meet-the-cartoonist" in your link above so it will bring you to the correct page.

  2. Hi Gary, Thanks for the really flattering kind words. I am a work in progress. Thanks for the "hyphens" comment, fixed it.

    I'm familiar with your work, too Gary. And you are well on your way, trust me. Just keep doin' what your doin'. You can't stop a man that wants to go somewhere, despite what Pat Byrnes says.

    All the best,