Wednesday, December 28, 2011

18716 Cannibal Cartoon - Where have they gone?

Where have all the cannibal cartoons gone ?
I guess they were popular back in the 50's . . . after the G.I.'s had returned from the South Pacific, you used to see them even in the Saturday Evening Post, and True, and Argosy and a whole host of other major magazines.

I guess even moreso, they are probably politically incorrect now and maybe too "lowbrow" . . . like The Three Stooges . . . I think in heaven, as a cartoon in The New Yorker depicted a few years ago . . . ( To paraphrase ), the scene was that Pearly Gates had a sign pointing to the right which read: "People who Love The Three Stooges" and another sign pointing to the left which read:  "People who Hate The Three Stooges" . . .

You know where I went . . . first guy I bumped into was Bob Weber Sr. ( Moose & Molly and Slylock Fox, both King Features syndicated comics )

I also ran into Bob Mankoff with the Three Stooges crowd, who whispered under his breath to me,  " Don't tell anyone you saw me here . . . it'll tarnish my image. " 


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