Thursday, January 26, 2012

Robert Rafferty passes away Jan. 22, 2012

I just now ( 10:45AM EST ) received a phone call from Loys Reynolds, the lovely wife of Robert Rafferty that he passed away last Saturday of prostate cancer.  He was living at Sun City Center, Florida.

Bob was a partner and friend of mine, I will miss him sadly. 

Bob Rafferty was a long time successful writer.  He wrote and had published thousands of his gags, collaborating with many famous magazine cartoonists too many to name here. 

 In the early years especially, he wrote hundreds of ideas for Hank Ketcham to use in his now famous Dennis the Menace Enterprise.

In Hank's book: The Merchant of Dennis the Menace, Hank named both Bob Rafferty and Al Batt as two of his talented prolific writers on his team.

Bob was a staff writer for a bilingual children's comedy program seen on more than 150 PBS stations.

His eclectic writing credentials include publication of a number of travel guidebooks - - - several which he co-authored with his wife, Loys Reynolds, as well as other non-fiction books and short plays.

Bob and I were partners on a book of cartoons, which was published in 2006 called CRUISING IS AMUSING.  It was  a special project for Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami, Florida.


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