Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Tim Tebow Phenomenom - cartoon - Roy Delgado


I like Tim Tebow . . . he's still a rookie quarterback and very accurate and popular . . . AND, AND he can RUN with the ball if he has to . . .  wait'll NEXT year.


" Every individual
has a place to fill in the world,
and is important in some respect,
whether he chooses to be or not. "

Nathanial Hawthorne, 1804-1864


" If we did all the things
we are capable of doing,
we would truly
astound yourselves. "

Thomas Edison, 1847-1931


I'm a real sucker ( If that's what you want to call it )
for the wisdom nuggets you see regularly posted on this blog . . .  I figure if you throw enough of the stuff on the wall, some of it will stick. 

I'd rather listen to Edison's statements than the other's, like those that see the glass half empty . . .  I'd rather see the same glass half-full . . .  they are BOTH true, but seeing the same glass half FULL is just the way winners think. 

It's the way you choose to look at life. 

One way of seeing it,  ( half-empty )  can be depressing and the other way ( half-full ) is more uplifting and hopeful and just makes you feel better . 

It is a fact that if you feel happy and "good" . . you perform better, period . . . that's good enough for me right there.

Nuf sed.


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