Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I forgot to sign this one . . . If someone steals it and I find out about it and I cannot resolve it without either them to desist using it or agree on a kind of fair competitive negotiated compensation over the telephone, I then promise them that I can convince him or her to never, never to do this again.  I have convincing ways, I tell them.

I ask them if they have seen the movie " TAKEN ".
I say sooner or later you are going to do this to the wrong person . . . I have been trained. I will find them.

I've had to do this only once.  They always comply.  Right now I'm batting 100%.


When I can't have a little fun in this business, I'm checking out.


Winston Churchill once gave this advice to speakers;  " Don't be nervous, just do as I do.  Whenever I get up to speak, I always make a point of taking a good look around the audience.  Then I say to myself, " What a lot of silly fools. "  And then I always feel better.


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