Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's amazing, I was up in New York a coupla months ago
and I grabbed a cab from Penn Station and noticed the cab driver was from the middle east somewhere,
I asked him if he knew where such and such restaurant was . . he gave me a blank stare like a deer in the headlights . . . no capish, no comprende, nolo contentre, no nothing . . . what am I supposed to do ?  What do OTHER people do ?  I went to relax and the first thing I encounter is stress . . . my only question, is it just me?  Does this happen to OTHER people ? - - - People say: RE-LAX . . RE-LAX . . Yeh, I know how to relax next time . . . just don't go, period.

Later that first day, I grab another cab, and it's ANOTHER guy in a turban . . . I said to myself . . Hey, there's a gag here !

I think 90% of the cabbies in NYC are from the middle east OR, OR they all work at the United Nations.


nuf sed

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