Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cave men / Flying saucers cartoon - Roy Delgado

I predict, this one hot off the drawing board today, will be picked up by someone . . . soon.  It's current stuff tied in with the cliche . . .
In MY humble opinion, if it was drawn by a current
" New Yorker regular ", you would INDEED see it in that magazine. 
But if I draw it up, it's corny . . .
or " not-quite-right-for-us" kind of bullshit . . .
One of my favorite sayings that I'd like to tell them, when they repeatedly tell me the " sorry-it's-not-quite-right-for-us " B.S. is . . .
Look, YOU bullshit YOUR friends,
I'll bullshit MY friends  . . .
But let's not bullshit each other !
- - - - -
The story is:
MY stuff is too "Reader's Digest " . . .
Stein's work is " Too Saturday Evening Post "
and Dan Reynold's work
is too " Greating Card Like "  . . .
Man, where is my 100 proof Wild Turkey !
You can't make this stuff up !
And, and . . . listen to this . . . When I sent some of my work to REACT magazine ( A Sunday supplement
type of insert to newspapers back in the 90's I believe )
After they asked ME to contribute cartoons to them,
The editor tells me in a nice letter that although my
cartoons were very good, however my work was  " TOO NEW YORKER " !
What ?
And you wonder why 100 proof Wild Turkey
sells so well in my neighborhood.
The secret is do not try to figure it out.
Like the wisdom in "The Prophet"
which I will always remember so well . . .
" Do not be a solver of riddles. "
he wisely told us . . .
which I will one day have tattooed on
my forehead . . .  
Flying saucers . . . Selling the New Yorker . . . they are just like gossamers, riddles, inaccessible koans . . .
- Peter Plum aka Roy Delgado 
- - - -
" There is one thing
which gives radiance to everything.
It is the idea of something
around the corner. "
G.K. Chesterton,  1874-1936


  1. Hey Roy, I have noticed that a number of cartoonists that contribute to The New Yorker, also have their cartoons in the Reader's Digest over that last few years. So, whoever is telling you, "your stuff is too Reader's Digest", is actually proving the point that "your stuff" should be in The New Yorker!
    Just an observation on my part.
    Take care. Gary Z.

    1. Gary -
      Thanks for the comment, . . . That's exactly the point. It is undiluted BULL-SHIT ( notice the caps ).

      I know it, they know it . . . Everyone with a half a brain knows it. Even Pat Byrnes knows it . . . The Pencil pusher once said I would NEVER sell the New Yorker . . . ( Don't ever tell Roy Delgado OR Peter Plum they cannot do somethimg ! ) But he's from Chicago and that explains a lot of things, doesn't it?

      With the gang problems there, allegedly wholesale crooked politicians, lots and lots of inept school teachers who don't want to weed out the poor teachers . . . How would a cartoonist have time to draw cartoons in Chi-town ?

      The good part is Tony Rezko is behind bars, and a whole string of past crooked Chicago governors and politicians
      are also behind bars. It's a shame . . . almost embarrassing to say you are from Chicago!

      On the other hand, I LOVE Chicago . . . My best man lives there, my friend and talented collegue Mark Anderson lives there . . .

      You can't make this stuff up . . .

      Peter Plum aka Roy Delgado