Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frank Cotham- New Yorker cartoonist

This is an original cartoon I received from Frank Cotham, one of my favorite of all the New Yorker Cartoonists.  We traded originals. I inserted the gagline in type for readability, the original had it in light pencil. 

I love the looseness and funny style in which he draws . . . ( look at his eyeball on the far side, just hanging in space !, I love it ) It's not easy to draw that loose and make it come out right . . . Someone once told me in my early learning years, a long, long time ago, he said:  " Before you can leave a line out, you must first know where it belongs!

Makes a lot of sense to me.

Cotham's drawing hangs in my studio alongside originals by Reilly, Sam Gross, Lee Lorenz, Cheney, Woodman and a few others whose work I adore.  They give me inspiration every day and I feel like they are in my studio urging me to " keep on keeping on" . . . I can hear them actually whispering in my ear . . . maybe I'm losing it . . I don't know . . . That's my story and I'm sticking to it . . .  I don't really care if it IS ONLY in my mind . . . . I'm not complaining . . .  guess 'm a lucky stiff.

I've got an edge on my competition, it seems !  I like it like that !

I'd rather be lucky than good. ( Especially at the race track ! )

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" First health, then wealth, then pleasure, and do not owe anything to anybody. "

- Catherine the Great

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