Sunday, January 13, 2013

McDonald's cartoon / American Gothic

Whoops, forgot to sign it again !

" The strength of a nation is derived
from the integrity of its homes. "

- Confucius, c. 551-478 BC


  1. I like the McDonald's cartoon. The couple with the plastic fork.Good job on the drawing of the gag. This cartoon belongs in the New Yorker.
    Douglas A Bennett

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Doug . . . Fortunately or unfortunately, I do believe it belongs in the New Yorker also. In fact, I KNOW it belongs in The New Yorker . . . In fact again, I would be willing to bet Mr. Mankoff $5000.00 to his $1.00 that any 10 of the New Yorker current cartoonists would agree with me, probably unanimously. I also believe even the New Yorker Editor, Mr. Remnick, would agree with me on this ! I learned a long time ago from the famous book by Kahlil Gibran: THE PROPHET . . . In it he said 'DO NOT BE A SOLVER OF RIDDLES' . . . . . I think THIS is what he meant . . . . I don't ask why any more, I just draw them up and, like a probable fool keep sending them in . . . Up to right now, I've had about 20,000 cartoons rejected by The New Yorker . . . Maybe, some day, they'll "discover" me ! Who the Hell knows . . Either way, I've got it figured so I win either way !