Monday, August 26, 2013

SatEvePost "HOLD" - Roy Delgado ( STARBUCKS )

About a year ago the Saturday Evening Post
"HELD " this cartoon of mine and asked for it in color . . . 
it has NEVER been published,   
so the other day I inquired about it,
because I have a another client that wants to
buy it . . . I got a return Email that the editor thinks  it is in the queue for publication and he'd get back to me . . . 
gotta go check it out.

I also plan to sell the original to Starbucks Corporate,
as my company, Delgado Signs built all of the electric
signs for the first 27 stores on the "east coast" in the United States . . . the first one was during the blizzard of '93 on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C.

24 were in the metropoliton Washington, D.C. area,
One in Atlanta, one in Greenwich, CT., and
the last one in old town Boston, Massachussetts.

They wanted my company to handle next, New York
City, with two right away in Manhattan with about 40 more to follow . . . it was just too much for my skill level to
go up to the over 50 employees mark, and then now I woulda run into OBAMACARE . . . I'm sure it woulda been a train wreck . By then it was 2001, and I sold
my business and became a cartoonist,
which is what I always wanted to do !

Be careful what you think about all
day long . . . it'll probably happen !

I don't know who said that, 
but it's pretty true, I think. 
Adios, for today.


" You are where you are
and what you are because of
the dominating thoughts 
in your head. "

- The late Paul Meyer

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  1. Hey Roy,
    That's a pretty "in demand" cartoon and a great story to go along with it. I didn't realize your sign company did the signs for Starbucks. I think you made a good choice.
    Gary Z.