Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cartoon and Thought of the Day - Peter Plum


" We have a choice about how we react to each new situation that arises . . . with hope or despair, with courage or fear, with enthusiasm or indifference . . . "

                                                  - Peter Plum

These words should be carved in marble, maybe in two-inch high ( U&lc italic ) prismatic Roman typeface and inlayed with 23 Karat gold leaf . . . . And this message should be a reminder to you that EVERY DAY you must have this thought crystalized in your mind so that you 
will NEVER AGAIN be affected by the gloomy nay-sayers
or to pay attention to anything or anybody that will in anyway try to throw you off course with negative thoughts or ideas from your precious challenging and meaningful goals . . . . Stay focused and remember what the late great Paul Meyer said:  " Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire and enthusiastically act
upon must inevitably come to pass. " 

Nuf sed.

- Peter Plum

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