Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nat'l Enquirer cartoon - Roy Delgado

This drawing appeared in
The National Enquirer when they were
still in Florida and planning the move to New York.
Since then, like The Parade magazine, they saw the handwriting oh the wall, cut using cartoons.   In the Enquirer's situation ( They completely dropped the cartoons ) and in Parade's situation they cut cartoon usage so you only usually see, maybe 50% of the time one cartoon or maybe two.  And also, in BOTH cases, shrunk the size of the periodicals . . . . by doing both in cutting costs, they are able to stay in business.  We wish them the best.  


" There is Jackson, standing like a stone wall. "

- Bernard Elliott Bee

( Of General T.J. Jackson at the Battle of Bull Run,
July  21, 1861 )


Blah, blah.

Nuf sed.

Peter the Plum.   

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  1. In Canada, Reader's Digest has cut their cartoons from about half dozen per issue to just 2. I haven't sold a cartoon to RD in about eight months. At $225 per 'toon it was a nice pay day. "Times They are a-Changin" —Bob Dylan