Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who the Hell is Dr. Peter Plum, Esq.

Who the Hell is Peter Plum ?



Please Note:  The well-known Honorable Dr. Peter Plum Esquire, is a barrister,  writer, minister, philosopher, cartoonist, physician, surgeon . . . .  Now is officially Roy Delgado's DOPPELGANGER, period.
The two are joined at the hip, after 26 operations.
Try to get over it.  It's not easy, but it's not too hard. 


" You learn to play the flute
by playing the flute. "

- Socrates circa 425 B.C.

When I first came upon this adage by my favorite philosopher,
Socrates, I stopped what I was doing, I read it again and a couple hours later, I came back to it and I decided to scribble it down on a 3x5" card . . . . It is profound to me..  You want to be a railsplitter, split rails !  Etc., Etc. It is so simple it's almost not real, to me  I've carried this little piece of wisdom in my wallet for 20 years.  The answer is right there in a straight line, simple . . . what part do you NOT understand ? 
I feel like the man who does

"I don't usually drink beer . . .
 but when I do, I prefer DOS EQUIS  ! 

When you are "down" and you wonder if your work is progressing . . .as you think it should, take out that piece of 
card in your wallet, shut up and start drawing.  Every day. 
Remember . . .  I love this one by Shakespeare:
" Some men are born great, some men achieve greatness, and still others have greatness thrust upon them. "

I first read Shakespeare's quote in the preface
of a biography book of Babe Ruth ( by Bob Considine )
when I was in high school.  Love it.

Sometimes, the simple things are where it's at.
( The wisdom )

Look at the front of your hand ( the PALM ), now imagine peeling off a layer, then peel off ( imagining ) another layer, then duplicate the same exercise, another layer, and another layer,
eventually, depending upon the thickness of the layers, you will end up looking at front side of the back of the hand. Or, or are
you looking at the back of the hand, period, OR are you still looking at the front of the hand ? 

Right about now, I remembered Kahlil Gibran's 
great piece of wisdom from his masterpiece: THE PROPHET.

He says to you in the book: ( I'm sure he meant ME)