Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Johnny Unitas, Con't.

My shop at the time was in the southern exurbs of Washington, D.C. in a city
called Woodbridge, Virginia. After studying the blueprints of the clock, I
decided to have the bottom portion of the clock ( from the bottom of the clock to the bottom of the two legs, skeleton interior framing to be fabricated of two 4"x 12"x 1/4" aluminum channel mig welded to 2"x2"x 1/4" square tubing.
I needed a perfect accurate start, something that I could continue to build on.

I decided to go to nearby Baltimore, MD. where I knew a couple building contractors
and asked both of them:  " Who's the best sheet metal/metal fabricating company
in Baltimore? " The same name popped up."  I made an appointment for the A.M.
I'd made my own drawing of the 4"x12" channel and 2x2x1/4" aluminum skeleton framing I wanted..  After meeting with the company's people in their conference room and reviewing the drawing details to my satisfaction, it was about 11:30AM,
and one of their men informed me that he wanted me to meet somebody . 
(I  was thinking it might be the President of the company. )
I'm still sitting down in my chair, and as I looked up I see this big guy with
my friend and he says: " Roy, I want you to meet JOHNNY UNITAS . . ." 
As I stood up I looked him up in the eye and stunned for the right words,
I blurted out: " Well, You certainly LOOK LIKE HIM !
Anyway, it worked okay.

Then, about 7-8 of us went to lunch with Johnny Unitas at a nearby restaurant.
About 3-4 weeks later I stopped by to pick up the job and we all went to lunch again.
I asked for his autograph and he was kind to give me this nice photo before I left
back to the shop.

The clock was designed by the award-winning graphic-design firm, Lance Wyman of NYC

The beautiful clocks are used for advertising( see ad above ) by National Time and Signal, the
makers of the special clock mechanism motor
for this special unique post clock.


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