Friday, May 15, 2015

American Legion Magazine - Roy Delgado


Here's one from the current
  May issue of American
Legion Magazine,
page 80.


Submitted in black and white,
then when they purchase it,
they request you submit a
                                colorized version.

                        I do all my color cartoons on
                     my trusty Corel Paint ShopPro9
                      program. . . . although Corel is 
                     now up to CorelPaintSopPro 16,
                             I STILL prefer the NINE.

                    Now I know what Jerry King meant
                   when he told me he uses PhotoShop 4,
                  I believe, although at the time he told me, 
                   ( awhile back )his program was up 
                              to PhotoShop8 or 9. 

                                                       - Nuf sed  


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