Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cartoon Contest - - Plum Loco Comic - Vote, Free book first 10 voters.

Vote for your favorite Plum Loco Comic from the ones posted on this blog up till today, July 17, 2010. I suggest to scroll all the way back to when it started, there aren't that many, as the blog has only been up less than a month.

Simply cast your vote in the comments box on the cartoon you like as your favorite.   No annonymous voting for obvious reasons.

The first ten voters get an absolute free copy of my very new book of cartoons, Cruising is Amusing ( By Roy Delgado & Bob Rafferty ) 6x9, 143 pages.  Copy of the book shown here on today's post.

Deadline is August 15, 2010.  Votes will be tabulated.  Winners will be mailed the book, The results will be shown right on this blog on August 16th.  Look for it.  Winners will be posted on August 16..

Send me your address via my email box: 
when you win.

It will be inteesting to see which is the favorite and most popular cartoon.

Unlike the last U.S. Presidential election, as some citizens allege,  please only vote once. 

The good news, all of the people in the world can vote.

Thank you . .
Peter Plum

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