Monday, April 18, 2011

Reader's Digest Cartoons - The 90's - Roy Delgado

I just returned from a trip to New York early this morning . . . I left early Friday A.M. . . . I went to enroll my grandaughter, Patricia Delgado at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, It's a great school that I dreamed of attending myself after high-school.  The prestigious school has been chosen year after year as one of the top three best art schools in The U.S. . . I'll post some pics of the campus real soon.

Here are a couple of cartoons from I believe were from the late 90's . . . I had just started my relationship with the magazine and they first bought five from a batch of 15. . . . despite the print media slowly eroding and becoming extinct and the downturn in the economy . . . things could still be worse. . . .  I look at it this way . . . . after reading a great book after hearing about it for 30 years, I finally bought it at Amazon .  . . .  read it, it's called: " I never promised you a rose garden. " nuf sed.

" Facing it, always facing it.  That's the way to get through.  Face it. " ( As so humbly uttered by Joseph Conrad, 1856-1924, Polish-born British writer. )

and then, I love what the great James A. Michner, 1907-1997, The great American writer who reminded  us: " Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries. "


   . . . and then, always remember: " What you pay a-tten-shun to, tells us what your in-ten-shun is. " . . . right ? . . make sense . . . ? 


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