Sunday, September 18, 2011

12907 Cartoon of the day - Roy Delgado

This cartoon was sold to Barron's a couple years ago . . . they used to send you a couple gratis copies when the cartoon was in print . . . but since the economy changed a few years ago, everybody tightened the belt and a lot of people lost their jobs and now the editors found out that legally they don't HAVE to send copies, so they stopped doing it, as did Cortlandt Forum and a a whole lot of others also stopped sending you the copies or tear sheets.

Welcome to the New World of Publishing. No more Mr. Nice Guy . . .   They do it, because they CAN DO IT.

Next thing, Mitch and Murray are sending down Blake, a real bastard from downtown to read us the riot act . . . .

First Prize, The Cadillac, 2nd Prize, a set of Steak Knives . .  3rd prize, we're fired. 

In case anyone out there has NOT seen the Glen Garry Glen Ross film about a pressure cooker real estate office in New York City, starring Jack Lemon, al Pacino and Alec Baldwin, see it immediately.

  It almost earned an Academy Award for Alec Baldwin, who plays a  real bastard sales manager named " Blake". (  One of the best films of all time for me. )  A Bastard with a capital "B". 

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