Saturday, March 3, 2012

19091 Show Business cartoon - Roy Delgado

Without a doubt, There's no business like show business . . .
Once you have your eyes set on a famous person or a famous group or act you want to see, the sad part is getting really, really good tickets . . . like front row  . . ?  

It DOES happen . . . My good luck story in catching Elvis in Tucson . . . Back in the early seventies, I was ONE BLOCK from the ticket office by the Tucson Community Center around 11:30 am, I had the car radio on and the announcer stated that the tickets just went on sale that instant, I wheeled into the parking lot, ran to the ticket window in about 90 seconds from the time of the announcement . . . YES, I got tickets twenty feet from Elvis in the front row just right of center.

Elvis had performed the night before in Phoenix and I knew he was headed down towards Tucson . . . Man, it was great timing . . really great show . . It's the only way to see a good show !

I don't remember the name of the stand up comic they had to open the show . . . but one pretty good joke stuck in my mind all these years . . 

He comic said the night before while arriving in to Tucson, right in the middle of a little rain storm, the limo had a flat tire right on Interstate 10 about a mile up the road . . .
The comic and a couple of the guys got out to get the jack and make the necessary wheel change  . . . 

He said as he was right in the middle of removing the flat tire to install the spare when a state trooper walks up, and with his flash light he shines the beam right on the activity taking place, and says; " Flat tire, eh ? " . . . The comic says;  " No, I always rotate the tires at 1:00 AM on the interstate in the rain ! "

You can't make this stuff up.


" What is originality ?
It is being one's self, and
reporting accurately what we see. "



" No matter how old you get,
if you can keep the desire to be creative,
you're keeping the man-child alive. "



" What can be added to the happiness of
a man who is in health, out of debt,
and has a clear conscience ? "

ADAM SMITH, 1723-1790

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