Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alden Erikson, Playboy cartoonist

In 1972, while living in Arizona and being employed for the 3M Company as a billboard painter in the hot sun, I spent my off working hours every night on the drawing board knocking out magazine cartoons, but to a limited success . . .  I always kept my eyes on the prize, never failure an option. 

On a whim I wrote Alden Erikson, the well-known Playboy artist, and begged him for an original . . . he sent me an original sketch he knocked out for me and I've treasured it ever since.

I've always loved his quick spontaneity that is evident . . . his loose, quirky style fascinated me.  You can tell he ENJOYS what he is doing and he makes it look so easy !

It is always a great teaching moment to hold in your hands an original drawing and gaze on it slowly at your own pace . . I don't mean just once, but from time to time . . .  it is alway inspirational to me.


And possibly the greatest of all pieces of advice:

" God grant me the Serenity to
accept the things I cannot change . . .
the Courage to change the things
I can . . . and the Wisdom
to know the difference. "


I've always thought the above adage . .
then add the Golden Rule . . .
teach it to your five-year old,
embed it to his DNA . .
and I think the rest is easy,
as far as raising a kid goes . . .
anyway, it's great for starters . . .
wouldn't you say ? 


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