Friday, March 16, 2012

Cartoon of the Month - Roy Delgado


This drawing appeared in Harvard Business Review
a couple years ago and I wanted to do a color version since it's a natural for color with the pizza colors on the charts . . . You call this work ?  I find that it's a therapy for keeping sane . . . for me.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Robins are showing up tweeting . . squirrels scampering around my yard . . saw two deer out my window this morning taking a short-cut right by my window, about 25 yards from where I sit . . . the clean air here in the mountains is free . . . the sweet smell of liberty and freedom is appreciated and loved . . . we should never forget snd pray for our heroes who are protecting us in the wars overseas and our special ops teams in 32 countries  . . .

My favorite 

Give, till it hurts, THEY did.


" The ladder of success
is best climbed by stepping on
the rungs of opportunity. "

Ayn Rand


" You are where you are and what you are by
because of the dominating thoughts
that occupy your mind. "

Paul Meyer


" It is your attitude more than
your aptitude that is the chief
determinant of your success. "

Paul Meyer


" You better be careful what you believe. "

Roy Delgado


" You have no idea how smart you have to be to know how dumb you really are. "

Charles " Buck " Boswell


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