Friday, March 23, 2012

Family cartoon 19175 - Roy Delgado


" Some of the best lessons we ever learn,
we learn from our mistakes and failures.
The error of the past is the success
and wisdom of the future. "

- Tyron Edwards, 1861-1941


The above adage is like it was especially meant to be told especially an artist, or a cartoonist . . . it is so relevant and useful ! . . . If it doesn't look right to you, ( the drawing ) . . . it probably isn't right . . . and the more drawing you do, the more critical your eye gets and the better you become . . the amazing thing that this keeps me so excited that you do not know how good you can become!  You continue to see improvements all the time . . . 

I cannot wait every morning to get to my drawing board . . after my morning ritual of reading for about an hour ( right now I'm reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ) again.

Although I remember reading it as an assignment in the sixth grade . . I just recently
read that some notable critics have placed Huckleberry Finn up there in the same realm as Homer's The Odyssey ! 

When I saw this, I pushed it up to the top of my reading list.


I just want to show you a little of how I work.
Sometimes, other cartoonists like to know the process, so here is an example of what sometimes happens . . 
If after I have completed a drawing, like I published here up above this drawing . . and I look at it studiously and critically, I notice . .  pow !, several things bother me . . so I begin to inquire . . first, the lines were too weak,
 ( for this general market )  . . then you could not tell quickly WHO was talking ( which is very important ),
so I fixed that by using balloons which is a great
fix for something like this ! . . . now look at both drawings and you will agree, I think, that the revised version is a huge improvement.

I think it is crucial to have this attitude when putting your work out there for somebody to view . . 
of course, this is only my humble opinion . . . 

 . . . and sometimes, I even redraw it for the THIRD TIME, . . . and yes, in some cases, I have revised it again and again. . . whatever it takes.  It is what it is.

My daughter once told me she hates that phrase, " It is what it is. "  And after she told me that, 
responded, " I hear you, but it is what it is. "

nuf sed


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