Thursday, March 22, 2012

Military cartoon of the day - Roy delgado


This drawing just appeared in the March issue of 
Leatherneck, The Magazine of the Marines.
It's on page 30 in a regular double-page feature called, 
Leatherneck Laughs.

I sold my first two cartoons to the magazine while stationed on Okinawa in 1956.  Staff-Sergeant Gordon Bess was the cartoon editor there at the time . . . he left the Corps in 1957 after a stint of 10 years in uniform . . .  he later created a successful comic strip for King Features, called " Redeye " about a wacko indian tribe.

In 1988, Gordon fell ill and was unable to continue, he passed away in 1989 . . . veteran cartoonist Mel Casson took over the strip and did a very capable job.


I love New Yorker cartoonist, Roz Chast's recent advice to anyone out there who fits into this category:

" If you really like cartooning and drawing and art, don't let anyone dissuade you. "


I agree with her 100% . . . for years and years I used to say, " I'm not in the mood to draw " or " I can't find the time to draw" or " If I wasn't so busy with so many obligations I'd be drawing more . . "

Then, one day I discovered I had it backwards . . .
I couldn't BELIEVE IT ! 

So simple, it was right in front of my eyes ! . . . THEN, I started drawing FIRST, and then I tried to find time to do all the other stuff . . . I discovered that over half of the stuff I thought was important was NOT !

Remember what Socrates said:  " You learn to play the flute by playing the flute. "

MY success ratio jumped up 1000% and has been going through the roof ever since . . . 

Life doesn't care whether you reach your goals . . it is up to you . . 

You better be careful what you believe, that's all I gotta say . . . 

nuf sed.


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  1. Hey Roy, Sounds like you're talking directly to me! Thanks! Love the gag.
    Gary Z.