Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dis 'n Dat


Although I forgot to sign my name to this cartoon,
please don't swipe it.  ( actually I DIDN'T forget, at first I looked at quickly and noticed that my name was not on the right bottom side of the drawing, where I usually place it, but didn't discover my error until AFTER writing everything else below ) 

I appreciated the fact that in the past when this occurred, my collegue and friend,
Eli Stein reminded me to be careful and always sign your stuff because people will "borrow" it and use it unauthorized but , but alas, I am forgetful sometimes . .

When this happens, and I see it,
 ( Which HAS happened, twice ),

I send the alleged guilty guy an Email and warn him, just like Liam Neeson did in " TAKEN " . . I tell the party: ( very politely ) . . . " Listen, carefully . . . Sooner or later, the chances are, unfortunately, you would meet a guy like myself. 

 I have been trained for 30 years at this, please stop immediately in authorized use of my material . . . If you do NOT, I will hunt you down until I find you.  I know how to fix it. "

Amazingly, both times the offending parties were very apologetic and nice and contrite, AND immediately with a smile, like a knee-jerk reaction, obeyed my suggestion. 

 I won't mention names, but one of the parties gave me a $75.00 credit to use in buying merchandise from their company ! ( Along with a personal apologetic phone call
from a Vice-President of the huge corporation in the Bahamas.

It is amazing the power of words and their effects.

I think I would have liked to be known as a "wordsmith",
if there WAS a real occupation like that . . .  

In Wikipedia, it woud say:  - Roy Delgado: Ex-Marine, Entrepreneur, sign painter, cartoonist, writer, student of psychology, motivator, wordsmith, philosopher. 

I think I'd like that . . .  Hey, maybe even engraved on the marble headstone on my last resting place, who the Hell knows?


Which reminds me of a true story I heard years ago,
it stated that one guy had engraved on his headstone:
" I TOLD you I was sick ! "

I love it.

You can't make this up.
( or maybe you CAN )


" When we begin to take our
failures non-seriously,
it means we are ceasing to be
afraid of them.
It is of immense importance
to learn to laugh at ourselves. "

- Katherine Mansfield, 1888-1923



  1. Hey, buddy, I see my name made it into your musings today. I enjoy your posts immensely, and if you occasionally slip up, you can be sure I'll be on your case.
    -- Eli

    1. Thank you Eli . . . I could use all the help I can get . . . why go it alone ?

      I always tell young people that you can use all the friends you can get as you go through life . . . AND, the best part, I found out that most people will help a person . . . there is something that we are born with, I believe that is the "good" in all of us, that surfaces to lend a helping hand to someone in need . . . ESPECIALLY if it is an acquaintance or friend . . .

      Everyone on this planet has the ability to help a fellow human being . . . imagine, if EVERYONE did that every day . . . imagine . . as John Lennon's song goes . . imagine . . .

      I better get off my soap box . . I could go on all night . . . don't get me started . . but again, Eli, thanks and keep looking at my blog, my ego needs it.