Friday, April 20, 2012

Door Gag - Roy delgado


I love " Door Gags " . . . they are as old as the hills, but they always at least bring a smile or a giggle out of me.

Last year, I believe, I saw TWO door gags in the same issue of Reader's Digest of all places by the ubiquitous Harley Schwadron.
There are always new young readers coming around, and I guess to them . . . an old door gag would be new. 

The other day,a person sent me an idea for a gag.  I couldn't believe what he sent me . . . I had seen it 60 years ago for the first time . . and at least two or three versions of it since !

The original version, I remember precisely  . . .  the wording on the door said " Atomic Energy Commission",
and the sign on the door read " Closed, Gone Fission " . .

The "NEW" idea had "NASA" lettered on the door, but the sign taped on the door read exactly like the others . . " Closed, Gone Fission ".

There is always the possibility that after writing thousands and thousands or maybe even a million or more gags . . . one could get slip-shod or accidentally repetitious from time to time . . . I'm sure this has happened to many people.  Sometimes, you even think of a gag, and you draw it up and you actually believe it is yours, only to find out that you had seen it somewhere and you had stored it . . .and then, it pops up, thinking you have just "created" it !

It is a crazy business, but I enjoy every minute of it.


" If people knew
how hard I work
to gain my mastery,
it would not seem
so wonderful at all. "

- Michaelangelo, 1475-1564


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