Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wal lSstreet Journal cartoon - Roy Delgado

This cartoon appears in today's Wall Street Journal.
Politics is always welcomed here, but, but it must be handled discreetly.
and not too strong.

Just last month, they bought a cartoon . . . it was the standard cliche: St. Peter at the gate
facing a new entrant . . . the sap entrant says:
" I made a lot of mistakes, but most of them were the fault of the Bush administration. "

After they bought it and I got paid for it, some top editor saw it just before it went to print
and got weak-kneed about it and thought ( thought? ) that it might be
too political, ( He ought to read Doonesbury ), so they asked to come up with another coupla gaglines with the same staging, same cartoon setting, same cartoon . . . I gave them a couple and they
chose to go with the entrant saying to St. Peter:
" Can I still use my Forever Stamps ? " 

All ended well . . .


" I have tried to write
the best I can; sometimes I have
good luck and write better than
I can. "

- Ernest Hemingway,1898-1961


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