Saturday, May 5, 2012

General Media cartoon- 2013 Roy Delgado

This cartoon appeared in Penthouse back around 2003,
the finish was executed in color . . . I was using pastels then, before I switched to coloring with the computer, like I do now . . .

They were using, towards the end a little more 'off-the-wall' stuff like this one . . . the end of the good ole days was just around the corner . . . I was selling quite a bit there at the time . . . one issue, I remember having five
cartoons in one month . . . I happened to be in New York City at the time and thought I'd drop in and say hello.

  After calling in the early A.M., they invited me to drop on by and say cheers . . . Their offices were directly across from Penn Station and were very convenient to visit.  I checked in with the front security desk, they called the General Media office on the Fifth Floor and Joe Brooks, the cartoon editor ( who Mr. Guccione had summoned over from England towards the end ) greeted me at the front desk in the lobby.

We took the elevator up and upon entering the huge office with about 10-15 desks with computers, the first thing I noticed was not ONE piece of paper was visible, not even on the secretary's desk who greeted me in the front.

We went into Joe Brooks' office.  There were maybe 3-5 pieces of paper on his desk, a computer and a large map file where he kept most of the drawings.

I spent only a brief 15 minutes or so and left.


" People who are unable
to motivate themselves must be
content with mediocrity, no matter
how impressive their other talents. "

- Andrew Carnegie, 1835-1919



  1. "...the end of the good ole days was just around the corner . . ." Boy, I can relate to that! Those were the days.

    1. Hi Len,
      Great to hear from you. I am a fan of your SEIZE THE DAY, have it on my desktop. See it every day, good work! Keep it up.
      Your partner in crime- Roy