Thursday, July 19, 2012

Easyriders - Biker cartoon - Roy Delgado

" The candidates both characterized their debate as a free exchange of bullshit. "


This drawing appears on page 16 in the August issue of Easyriders magazine . . . They have a new cartoon editor there . . . also a few changes . . . I guess with the tough economy, the've merged their sister publication  called " Biker" together along with this one . . . Now on the cover it reads EASYRIDERS ( in big letters ) "combined with BIKER" in small letters.  Also, in the future they plan to use only cartoons in color.

This will be an upgrade . . . I wish them the best as this is one of the few cartoon magazine markets left for freelancers . . . another thing they pointed out is that all cartoons must be about bikes and bikers only . . if you show another guy in a suit it's okay, but he must be having the shit beat out of him by a biker . . ( I'm paraphrasing )  . . I got a kick out of this comment by him . . . Who the hell knows, maybe it was bought out by The Hell's Angels or The Pagans, or who knows . . . I gotta go take a ride on my Hog for an hour or so and chill out . . I'm too wound up right now to draw . . .
nuf sed.

- Peter Plum Jr.

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