Saturday, July 21, 2012

Henchmen cartoon - Roy Delgado


Although this subject has been almost run into the ground . . . I still enjoy seeing variations on the theme,
usually, they are old and tired stuff, but,but, you gotta remember . . . . there's always new younger kids out there looking at cartoons . . . at least, that's
MY excuse . . .

If it wasn't for the naysayers . . .


I first heard this phrase, where it stuck into my psyche,
back in the 70's when I was reading a book on marriage counselling . . . it had actual case conversations  between the therapist and the patient . .

I distincly remember one where the wife told the therapist;  " IF IT WASN'T FOR MY HUSBAND, I'D BE HAPPY. "  ( DUH,  my comment)

That statement was so powerful and simple and stupid and funny all at the same time that I laughed and I've remembered it and I like to use it at opportune times . . it always gets a laugh . . . it so happened I thought it might fit here so I borrowed it.

It's a funny line, duh!  ( The shrink was probably thinking, 'Yes, and what are you going to do about it ?, H-m-m-n ? ' - - - -


" It is not what happens to you that is really so important, but rather how you process what happens to you, or your attitude towards what happens to you that is important. "

 This statement has been uttered since the days of the wise men 300-400 years, B.C. up until today by all the motivators selling tapes and CD's on the subject of personal growth.

  It still is the best advice to many of our self-induced stresses in our lives . . . the tricky part is to remember this when you are upset . .

nuf sed.

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