Saturday, August 4, 2012

Persistence - Roy Delgado

If you saw this cartoon in the New Yorker, you would probably
say to yourself . . .  Hey, this poor sap finally sold a cartoon
to the New Yorker . . . After 20,000 rejected cartoons !
Most people would have quit a long time ago!
But this guy isn't like most people.

The day will still come when you will see either Roy Delgado or his doppleganger,
 Peter Plum's work in The New Yorker . . . It it is simply that they ( The New Yorker )
 have yet to "discover" the pair . . .  It is their loss, ( The New Yorker's )
 and their reader's loss, not the dynamic duo's loss. 

For some people, things just take a little longer to happen.
 (That goes for BOTH , The New Yorker AND the drawing duo. ) 

If this cartoonist would've taken that attitude ( like most people ) and quit
after many rejections . . . he would have NEVER sold Playboy, either !  It took 50 years,
almost to the month, that Roy finally started selling Playboy on a regular basis,
where he is now a "regular" with Hefner.

If this ain't PERSISTENCE, YOU don't know the definition of


Impossible is a word found only in the
dictionary of fools. "

- Napoleon


One of my mentors, Naploeon Hill, once said that when he bought a new dictionary, the first thing he did when he got home, was he literally cut out the word,
' impossible ' from the new dictionary so that
the word no longer existed.  He did not want to know anything about the word apparently.  Good advice.

As Paul Meyer once told me:  " Look at what a man
pays A-TEN-SHUN to, and I'll tell you what his IN-TEN-SHUN is . . . interesting . . . good thing to be aware of.


" Be happy, it is a way of being wise. "

- Colette


" Who, being loved, is poor ? "

- Oscar Wilde


" It is very hard to take yourself too seriously when you look at the world from outer space. "

- Thomas K. Mattingly  II


nuf sed.
- Peter Plum

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