Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cat cartoon of the day and ramblings of The New Yorker . . . Roy Delgado

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Here are some news you can't use, but I thought I'd pass it on anyway.
Typical routine in The Delgado Headquarters:
Talking about cats . . .  
I have three cats . . . Midnight, Rocky and Eddie.
Two sleep with me in the living room . . . Rocky is overweight because he overeats.  He sleeps to the right of me on a twin Lazy-Boy.  Midnight ( Is actually Rocky's aunt and the oldest of the three, about 9 years old ) and she sleeps usually on my lap. She is a real lightweight. 
 Eddie sleeps in my studio with my wife on her Lazy-boy.  Eddie's got stripes, a beautiful cat and spends his night between a cat bed he has on the floor, Betty's lap and a barrel chair also in the room.
After bragging for several years how comfortable the Lazy-Boy was to sleep on . . . . she tried it once and never went back to a bed !
The reason I have to sleep on a Lazy-Boy is because after the accident and the operation on my neck, I was unable to sleep comfortable on a regular bed.
About 4:00 AM I usually wake up and take my scheduled Oxy for my pain in my head, neck and arm.  I have to take four 325M tablets 4 times a day, which is the maximum you can safely take.The result of a car accident in August of 1998.  Rocky is usually ready to go outside and water the tree and lets me know by scratching on the back of the Lazy-Boy til I wake up and open the door.
I usually read for at least an hour or two, right now, I'm reading a great motivational book: " The Spirit of Apollo" by Dr. Marsden . . .  Then it's IMUS for a while, then it is into my studio for 8-9 hours every single day in the hopes of one day selling The New Yorker . . . . WHY? Do I have to sell the New Yorker ?
Two reasons . . . One, because I want to and two,
 because I believe that The New Yorker SHOULD publish my work, period.  The readers of The New Yorker want to me see my work in the magazine . . . they are the real losers.  They DESERVE to see my work.
They SHOULD see my work.  They DESERVE to see my work. Mankoff, wake up and smell the roses. Allright, already, you've made your point . . .   It's a new day.  No more knee-jerk rejections.
The time has come.  Do it and I'll forgive you for the 20,000 rejected cartoons to date.
In a recent magazine published by the old Cortlandt Forum, I counted approximately 10 cartoons in the magazine . . . EVERYONE by New Yorker cartoonists except ONE by yours truly . . . what does that tell you, hm-m-m-n ? . . .
Wake up.
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" Be careful what you believe. "
- Roy Delgado
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" Few blame themselves until they have exhausted all other possibilities. "
- Dr. Peter Plum

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