Friday, September 28, 2012

My Hard Drive got hit by lightning !

This is the cartoon of the day . . .

( It seems to be the story of my life . . . Although I took the road less traveled . . gradually, I noticed at about age 60, the road began to narrow very slightly, almost unintellibly . . . then several years later I noticed the dividing line slightly fading . . . now for the last 10-12 years the road is almost a one lane road, with almost all the asphalt gone, and the dividing line is almost 100% faded ! . . . but it's okay, I like it like that, I've been well trained to adapt . . . THE CORPS, or " CORPSE ", as President Obama would say, did a good job. )

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I've been having problems with my computer for over a week . . . real slow . . . Lots of buffering . . . endless buffering . . . so finally last night it blacked out and a big message appeared on my screen . . . it said it was a hardware problem.

First thing this morning I took my main computer to the tech in Petersburg . . . he calls me a few minutes later, discovered that lightning had someway struck nearby, traveled somehow and damaged and burnt my hard drive ( we've been having a few storms the last month around here ) . . . I lost a few files . . .

So now I lost about 40 recent files which luckily I have an extra hard cartoon copy and I'll have to rescan on my backup computer and scanner, put the missing stuff on a disk and reinstall back on my computer next Thursday or Friday when my computer should be ready.

This stuff happens.. This incident urged me to install a "Backup system" before I get it back from the tech.

For the next week, bear with me, this is my backup computer sytstem I'm using right now. . .  but somehow, I will succeed, I will not be denied . . . I'm not used to failing . . . I cut the word " impossible" out of my dictionary a long time ago . . It does not exist.  As did Napoleon hundreds of years ago.

I wonder if the people at The New Yorker know who they are "trying" to reject ? . . . Apparently not. They just keep on rejecting my cartoons . . . somewhere over 20,000 cartoons rejected . . . in my lifetime . . . a huge percentage under The Mankoffer . . .

I dreampt the other night that I somehow became the new cartoon editor at The New Yorker.  Then when Mankoff came to show me his week's drawings, I remembered the great line President Obama told Senator Kantor ( From Bob Woodward's new book ) when Mr. Kantor showed up with a proposal from the Republicans . . . President ignored the proposal and told him:  " There are consequences from elections.  I won. "

I love it.  Anyway, I eventually woke up with a headache and a cold sweat . . . I promised to myself I would not tell anybody about this dream.  But I lied to myself and broke my promise. ( That ain't good ).

It is what it is.  At least you always know where I'm coming from.

 Have a nice day.

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" Only the wisest and stupidest men never change. "

- Confucious

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One more tid-bit I just remembered that I heard a long time ago,  this is in regards to some people's philosophy that it's a good idea to spread the wealth around . . I don't remember who said it, but I believe there is a lot ot truth in ths old adage . . .


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