Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cartoon of the Day - Roy Delgado

This is the kind of law firm you would want to retain if you were involved in an automobile accident and you were subsequently injured, right ?
Of course ! - - - These people KNOW about injury, they therefore MUST know what they are talking about ! - - - Right ! - - -  ( or, RIGHT? )
I bring this up because of the nonsense logic it is.
BUT, but according to Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor of The New Yorker, I can't believe an educated man like him would say this . . . ( I'm paraphrasing )
He stated something like this: " If you are drawing cartoons about people WITH TATTOOS, then YOU should have tattoos yourself."
Make sense to you ?  Me too.
It's not him, it's me. He's the cartoon editor of The New Yorker and I'm Terry Malloy of On The Waterfront . . . .
 " It was YOU Charlie, remember that fight at the Garden ? You came up to me in the dressing room and said: This ain't your night, we're going for the price on Wilson . . . This ain't my NIGHT ? - - - I coulda taken Wilson apart ! - - - It was you, Charlie, you were my big brother, you shoulda watched out for me . . .  and Rod Steiger says, you saw some money, boy . . . . Terry shouts back: " You don't understand, Charlie, I coulda had class, I coulda been a contender . . . I coulda been somebody . . . instead of a bum which is what I am . . . lets face it,  it was YOU, Charlie . . .
I just wouldn't expect a statement like this
coming from a cartoon editor with more than a high-school education.
Of course, you can say something like, " Look, when I said you didn't BUILD THAT ! what I REALLY meant was you need roads, policemen, firemen, DUH, REALLY ?,
I didn't know that! ?
The reason The President got hammered by this is simply this:  HE EMPHASIZED AND SPENT 90% ON YOU DIDN'T BUILD THIS and only 10% on the obvious idiotic, in my opinion, the government gives you roads, policemen, firemen, etc., no shit. . . gee.
If it was THAT simple, how come none of my 32 employees went out and do it successfully ? ? Actually, the government was mostly in my way.
The problem with zealots on BOTH sides of the spectrum is this:  Bill O'Reilly does it like this ( Notice the next time )  O'Reilly will rant for 99% of his blather and then, to cover his ass, he'll say in a lower tone of voice, and very quickly at the end . . .  " Am I wrong ? "
And Rush Limbaugh is guilty of the same thing . . .
THEN, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE GET DEFENSIVE . When you bring up their emphatic points . . . They always say, you took it out of context !  They must think we're dumb.  And by doing this, THEY look dumb.
Where is Jimmy Carter when we need him ?
 ( Just Kidding )
Although, I admire him for his Habitat effort and I have contributed to the noble deed of his
to reach out and try to make this a better world
for the really unfortunate.
Nuf sed. ( As Lew Card used to say )

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