Friday, October 5, 2012

Cartoon of the Day - Roy Delgado

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" This is the final test of a gentleman:
His respect for those who can be
of no possible value to him. "
- William Lyon Phelps
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" If you were to have the Sahara Desert
under the Government's control . . . . Within five years
it would be out of sand. "
- Milton Friedman
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Doesn't it kinda make you think ?
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My computer just returned back to my desk from the tech-guy here in Petersburg, West Virginia . . .
I had a new hard drive installed . . .
Although I had my second computer up and going all the time, there isn't anything like your own computer . . .  
Man, just one computer person who can fix your computer in town . . .  next place is Moorefield about 25 minutes away, maybe two people there, then I'd have to go to Winchester, VA., about 2 hours away where you might have a half-dozen techs or so . . . then another hour or so I'm in the Metro-Wash. D.C. area where it's just like New York City including the traffic, but I know it well.
I fell in love with Washington, D.C. since back in February 2, 1958.
 I was assigned  and stationed there then at Marine Barracks in Southeast D.C., 8th & Eye as they called it.
It was the showcase of the Corps.  Our detachment, Marine Corps Institute Company was my day job, located in the Navy Yard, just two blocks away .  My job was to grade and to instruct and correct correspondence "art courses " which were available to Marines throughout the world.  It was one of 75 or so courses that were created, and written and tended to at the institute.
My secondary job was that our detachment was on call at all times, especially to Camp David when the President went to meetings there, a unit of ours would form a perimeter out beyond the Secret Service at the Camp. Kind of made you feel important.

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