Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 Saturday Evening Post cartoons - Roy Delgado

This drawing appears on page 26, one of three of mine I was lucky to have in this issue.
This drawing with the bulldog appears on page 68
in the same Nov/Dec issue of SAT EVE POST.
And this one on page 88 is the third one in this 2012 Christmas issue of the Post.
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As a beginner years ago in this crazy business, I dreamed that I could have three cartoons in one issue of the Saturday Evening Post . . . I always KNEW it would happen . . . because I had made up my mind that nothing was going to stop me.  It takes a resolute will to accomplish this, especially when you are born with less talent than others . . . in a way, THAT is good because it is a test of what you are made of . . . . It makes you work harder.
As Paul Meyer once told me over lunch at a Waco Golf  and Country Club in the summer of 1975 . . . While talking about setting and reaching your personal, worthwhile and important-to-you goals. . .  . . .  If you can ask yourself  the following:   " If you really want it ( whatever is "it" ) so bad that you are willing to work hard for free, are willing to walk on hot coals, if you are willing to do almost anything, if you really want it so bad that you can 'taste' it . . . . and, AND, If the answer is an unquestionable and resounding screaming-out-loud " YES !" , . . .  Not a "probably yes ", " or a weak yes' . . .
THEN, you have what it takes . . . anything less than what I just outlined, then your results might be a "maybe" . . .
I don't know, it makes sense to me, I can't answer for you . . .
He also told me: " It's hard, but it ain't TOO HARD ! " 
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Ever since that day in Waco, the reds are redder, the blues are bluer, the air is cleaner, there's been a certain more noticeable confident step as I walk . . . It seems that it's all downhill now and now I'm just coasting . . .
A month later, I was sitting in a nice cocktail lounge in Washington, D.C. sipping a double Jameson Irish Whisky on the rocks when an attractive woman I hadn't noticed a couple seats away turned to me and said ( So help me, God  )  " You sit there like you OWN the
world ! "
I knew right there, that the "stuff" Paul Meyer told me about was real.  It showed and I couldn't do anything about it, it's NOT MY PROBLEM.  ( The good part is that you can GIVE it away, like I'm doing right here . . . It's been there all along ! . . . Seek and ye shall find !,  Whatsoever you soweth, THAT shall you also REAP!
You are where you are and what you are by the dominating thoughts that occupy your mind.
No more, no less.
I passed on this good material to one of my early employees, a cool jovial African-American delivery man, I'll call Lenny, that worked for me for ten years . . . I
love how he summed it up, he simplified it to:
When I suggested to him I'd like to emblazen the phrase on to my delivery van, right under my logo . . .
He halted the idea right there . . . He said, " NO, A COP MIGHT STOP ME TO SEE WHAT STUFF I'M USIN' ! "
I got a kick out of it.
What memories.
 - - - - - - -
" Be careful what you believe. "
- Roy Delgado
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  1. Hey Roy, Congratulations on 3 gags in SEP!!! And, most imortantly, you signed all three of them!!! Great job!
    Take care.
    Gary Z.
    Oh, and thanks for the pep talk. That's why I keep checking out your blog daily! Great positivity! Not to mention great gags!!!

  2. Thanks, Gary . . . Remember, " You are what you think about all day." ( I forgot who said that, I know it wasn't Peter Plum.