Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cartoon of the Day - Roy Delgado

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The funny thing about this cartoon, is that this actually happened to me.  It was about 1986, I had about 18-20 employees at that time, my neon sign company was flourishing in northern Virginia.  I had 2 crane trucks and were always looking for good employees.
Business was good and getting better all the time.  Although I started as a sign painting company in Falls Church, Virginia in 1975, by 1986 we were mostly an electric sign company and had moved out into the suburbs in Newington, Virginia.
I remember the incident well ( I'll change his name ) for obvious reasons . . . this guy Frankie Langrotta,
 was a one-man electric sign company . . . he was a charming good looking guy in his late 30's, very experienced in electric signs, both in fabrication and installation . . . . His father had owned a sign company in Chicago and that is where he had gotten his experience, starting at a very young age, he worked for him for years. 
This guy, Frankie, could sell the job, build it and install it.  I needed this guy bad.  One problem, there was a strain of dishonesty in the guy.  And also, he was a pathological liar, but, Hell, I thought I would be able to keep a short leash on him.  When three of my employees found out about the rumor that I was "thinking" about hiring him, the three good employees informed me that IF I hired him, they would all three walk out.
Obviously, I didn't hire him.
Had to tell you this short story.
It's true.
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" One resolution I have made and try to
keep, is this:
To rise above the little things. "
- John Burroughs

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