Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cartoon of the Day - Roy Delgado

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" Never does a person describe his own
character more clearly than
by his way of describing
that of others. "
- Jean Paul ( Friedrich Richter )
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 "Nuf sed."
- Peter Plum
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I always have loved a good fresh, tasty hot dog, ever since high school.  Right after high school I found myself living at 137 North Rampart Blvd., in Los Angeles, just a few blocks from the art school on Beverly Blvd. I was attending, ( Billy Hon School of Cartooning ). 
 I thought it would be good to live just walking distance from the school and it worked out well.  The best part, as an added convenience, just a half block from the garage I was renting, which had been turned into a studio apartment was the first " Tommy's Famous Hamburgers" stand. ( Still there, last I heard ) 
It was right on the corner of Beverly and Rampart Blvds.
It was on the property of a gas station, on a small grassy plot.  I was there 4-5 years ago and visited it and they still had one of the best chili-dogs in the country.  I also noted that Tommy had opened 6-7 additional stands in the L.A. area.
Right across the street from this hot dog stand now stands Thomas' Restaurant, apparently Tommy did so well that he opened a nice restaurant right across from his first location.
I remember that he had a loyal steady clientele.  On a Friday and Saturday night, all the way to about 2 AM., there were usually about 10-20 people eating his sloppy sandwiches all the way out into the street, it was a strange group of people . . lawyers, bikers, bit-actors, CEO-types, women, men, teeny-boppers, musicians, students, hipsters, squares, etc. . . . The little hot dog stand had no seating . . just two bar-stool-type chairs at the small counter.  No seating whatsoever . . . you ate your hot dog or hamburger in the street, with chili and onions dripping always on the asphalt . . . Everybody loved it.
It seems like it was just the other day . . . Hell, that was 1953-54 !
" Isn't it funny, how time slips away " . . . Hey ! that would be a nice title for a song !
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