Friday, December 21, 2012

Cartoon of the Day - Roy DelgaDO


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 I've been reading and studying Plato's Diologues on Socrates for the past five years . . . I'm very often times fascinated by the wisdom in the works . . . I can't help but be reminded between Socrates' often reminders of the wisdom of "knowing your domains of your ignorance"  . . . and Buck Boswell's famous adage . . .  he often would proclaim: " YOU don't know how smart you gotta be to know how dumb you really are! "
( Truer words were never spoken )
I had a guy who worked for me for 27 years by the name of Charles " Buck" Boswell . . . .  He was a high-school graduate, pretty good pictorial artist and a journeyman signpainter, this guy could do everything . . . not only a great employee, but an honest great human being . . . his only shortcoming was he loved to go to the racetrack . . . not only several tracks in the tri-state area . . D.C.,MD. and VA. . . . but also nearby Baltimore was home to the Preakness Plus in Maryland they also ran the "Buggies" . . The "Trotters !
 So there was plenty of action in the immediate area.  In a way it was good . . . since most gamblers lose at the track, he always had to to back to the well for a constant re-supply of money to feed his addiction. 
Since I constantly had plenty of work, I always had Buck to help plus we would get more help as needed.  But with the racetrack handy to help me, I always had the help I needed.

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