Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cartoon of the Day - Roy Delgado

Here is an example of good use of the vast image resources available at Google and other search engines, just make sure it is not intellectual property whose reproductive rights remain with its creator or something like that . . .

Just searching through the vast array of images can sometimes spark up an idea . . . 


Thanks to a little "borrowed " free jungle foilage from Google images, man, you can't beat that ! It literally MAKES this gag get over successfully !  Cheers, Hooray  for Google! ! Forget the old-fashioned "morgues" we cartoonists used to have thousands of clippings in envelopes and boxes from various newspapers and magazines searching for that odd request a drawing might call for, and you would "borrow" it one way or another . . .  Cut the clutter ! ( When am I going to clean up my studio ! ? )


" No matter how old you get,
if you can keep the desire to be creative,
you're keeping thev man-child alive ! "

- John Cassevetes, 1929-1989

John was one of my favorite actors!


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