Sunday, December 1, 2013

PARADE cartoon 12.1.13

Today's drawing here appears in today's PARADE magazine, the well-known magazine supplement to The Washington Post and many other major newspapers in the country.   This is my first in this magazine.    I think The New Yorker is the only magazine left
on my list I made many years ago of markets that I promised myself I would crack.  It has been a long journey . . . . worth every day's struggle ( It feels like I've been walking on glass for 25 years . . . but it doesn't hurt anymore . . . AND I've quit bleeding ! . . . and it has been rewarding and exhillarating to me..  Didn't always think it would feel THIS good.   The GREENS are greener,  
The REDS are redder . . .   It is my CRACK and COCAINE and ( MUCH LESS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH. )


This feeling is attained simply by setting  goals that are important and meaningful to you . . . AND ACHEIVING THEM ! . . . Goals should be YOUR goals, and written down in a journal, set in every part of your life . . . . It can be things to HAVE or things to BE.  But most importantly, they MUST be YOUR goals.  These goals that you set for yourself must be PERSONAL, CHALLENGING and MEANINGFUL, and should be just slightly out of reach, but not OUT OF MIND !  Goals that down deep in your heart, you BELIEVE you can attain ( AND DESERVE ! ) !  In fact, you KNOW you can attain!  And, and . . . listen up . . . the CLEARER you can visualize yourself ALREADY REACHING YOUR GOAL, THE BETTER THE CHANCE OF REACHING YOUR GOAL !   Don't ask me how it works, I only know that it DOES work !   Be careful what you wish for . . . . I know you've heard THAT expression !

And write THIS one one down. . . . " WHATEVER YOU VIVIDLY IMAGINE, ARDENTLY DESIRE and POSITIVELY BELIEVE, WILL INEVITABLY COME TO PASS . . . "  ( This affirmation by the late Paul Meyer of Success Motivation Institute, Waco, Texas is worth its weight in gold. ) Notice it states: "WILL", NOT "MIGHT"come to pass . . . )  Once you "CRYSTALIZE" this thought into your brain, you will never be the same, I promise you.


  1. Roy-
    Some Parade editions in other newspapers will leave out the cartoons.
    Boo! Hiss!

  2. Hey Roy,
    Congratulations! on making Parade Magazine. Great cartoon!
    And, it sounds like you're talking to me. Thanks!
    Gary Z.

  3. Hey Gary . . . What's great is that IT ALWAYS works and it NEVER DOESN'T WORK !
    Famous Napoleon Hill story he tells abut the the guy that was coming to his seminars for six months . . . the guy sees Napoleon Hill after the seminar, and tells Napoleon Hill:
    " Look, I've been trying it for six months and it's NOT working ! What shall I do ? . . .
    Naoleon Hill quickly responds: " Keep doing it ! "
    I love it . . . the point is that some people have a long wet fuse and it takes longer to ignite ane burst out, while, luckily a lot of reople are "ready" for something inside to ignite trhem, and unfortunately some of these people will join a cult or some other
    motivator IF this guy gets to you BEFORE a Napoleon Hill type motivator ! Depends who gets to you first . . . We will automatically gravitate to this massenger who seems to have the answer to what you are seeking . . . He'[s talking to that part of you who is READY for something good hat is coming his way ande THIS IS It

    Unfortunately, I almost got to Parade too late, they sold the magazine to a North or South Carolina, THE ATHERTON GROUP, who says they now pay $300.00 per cartoon instead of th previous rate of $300.00 per. And they apparently stopped printing ANY cartoons ! It seems like all of the good magazine cartoon markets are disappearing. ( because of digital ) You just have adapt. Syndication is probably all that is really left to make good money !