Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thought of the day - Peter Plum.

The only trouble with living out here way out in the boondocks ( APPROX. 6 MILES OUT OF PETERSBURG ),
Actually, My house is actually in Maysville, WV, a small town next to Petersburg.     I like getting my mail 
there because my mailbox in Maysville is actually 
about .6 mile from by house, I can't even see it.

About 4 days ago we got about a total of 8 inches or more of snow, so I've been kinda trapped here
for about a week.,

 Worked out in my little 'gym'
in the garage for about 1/2 hour and it's about 12:40 PM
right now, getting ready to hit the drawing board.
Haven't been able to work every day due to my chronic neck pain, the result of 4 fused cervixes, the result of an auto accident August 22, 1998.  Hope to work at least a couple hours today in my studio.

Sold  one yesterday to The Saturday Evening Post,
I'll post it on line right here on my blog when it comes out in a coupla months or so... nuf sed.

- Peter Plum


" A loving heart is the truest wisdom. "

- Charles Dickens  1812-1870


  1. Cold as hell up here in the Great White North, but not a lot of snow (maybe a couple of inches ... or 5 centimeters on the metric system). Been laid up since Christmas Eve when I thought I was having an appendicitis attack, which later turns out to be an inguinal hernia. Finally seeing a surgeon on the 27th, but for a consultation only. Meanwhile, I sit and read and sleep. Sometimes I'll sit at the drawing table and draw conclusions. Bored.

  2. Hey Len, Good to hear you . . . Just keep doing what you're doing . . . and remember: " You're not getting OLDER, you're getting BETTER . . . and THAT IS A F-FA-A-C-T-T !
    - nuf sed - Peter Plum aka Roy Delgado