Sunday, April 6, 2014

Parade Magazine cartoon - Apr. 6, 2014 - Roy Delgado

Good to see cartoons in the New Parade again . . .
Funny thing about this one . . . it appeared in Parade about
a coupla months ago . . . I've never seen a major publication repeat the very same comic in a month or two . . . Boy, talk about stretching their budget !

Anyway, it is good they're including cartoons in ALMOST every issue !  Times are tough in the printed media for sure.

Parade will have an issue WITHOUT gag cartoons . . . then, POW! they repeat a cartoon they just published a month ago - - - I have a feeling it was just an oversight on their part to repeat . . . . It's just that I've never seen it done before . . . . In fact, it HAD to be a boo-boo on Parade's
part, I'd bet on it.

Of course The "Classic PEANUTS " re-publish, but that is maybe 10-20 or 40 or 50 years before they republish the strips, since Mr. Schulz passed away and it was never drawn by anyone else ( The daily strips ) and it so popular that it DESERVED to be republished because of demand and popularity !


" Things must be awful . . . 
The other day, a
' Going-Out-Of-Business ' store did. "
                        - MILTON BERLE





  1. Roy-
    Parade is very odd w/cartoons. The issue I saw this weekend didn't have any cartoons.
    What's up with that?

  2. Hey Roy, did you get paid twice?
    Gary Z.

    1. Nope, Gary,I probably wouldn't have made the comment about stretching their budget . . . if I would have been paid twice.
      It would have been an exercise in futility on their part since they would have nothing to gain by repeating the cartoon and paying me twice, they would be better off using a fresh new cartoon.
      Of course I could always think: It was such a GREAT cartoon, Parade said: " Let's publish it TWICE ! " Maybe, it IS that good ! ? YEah, that's it ! I like that !