Friday, May 23, 2014

Cartoon of the Day - Roy Delgado

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This is the kind of cartoon you might've seen in the old men's magazines back in the 50's . . . but they're ALL gone now.  You had The General magazines ( FAMILY )
like Collier's, Look, The Saturday Evening Post . . . All were filled generously with clean gags for the entire 
family throughout the mags, ( NOT like you see the type shown here ! ) mostly in the back half of the magazine . .

You could poke fun and make the woman the butt of the joke, but as a lot of the editors jobs became women's jobs,  and those gags ceased to be funny, and I don't blame them for thinking that way . . . being filled by women it became a no-no . . . a lot of the bad-auto-driver gags always being a woman were in fact not correct, as statistics show, and of course political correctness came. Of course you don't see a lot of stuff you used to see anymore.  A lot of it you are glad it's gone. People became more educated and sophisticated, and costs for printing  went way up . . . the cartoons it seems were the first cuts in budgets so they were the first to go.

Mainly the MAGAZINES then were broken down thusly:
TRADE JOURNALS ( Who paid the least, because of smaller circulation ) . . . Then you had the FAMILY- TYPE, ( Like COLLIER'S, LOOK. The SATURDAY EVENING POST, The WOMEN'S Magazines, ( like GOOD HOUSE-
KEEPING, McCALL'S, COSMOPOLITAN, and others, many using gag cartoons on a regular basis . . . ), Then you also had FAMILY CIRCLE ( Who at one time was a major market ) and even TV GUIDE used cartoons . . . 
Then of course also you had the " GIRLY " magazines, as they called them . . . they were just slightly racy sexy cartoons, like GOOD HUMOR, TV GIRLS AND GAGS, ADAM,
 . . . And a company called ( can't think of it right now ) published a bunch like "WOW!", " ZOWIE " and about 4 or so other titles which I don't remember just now,  Then, in 1952 a young HUGH HEFNER gave birth to the greatest quality men's magazine of all time: PLAYBOY, It was the right magazine at the right time by the right person . . . 
and a little later came a OUI ( His European " PLAYBOY", you might say . . . more explicit
sex gags . . . buck-buck-naked gals, more with very suggestive poses, etc. ) actually, it was made for the European customer ( more sexually ahead than their American counterpart. )

Then, because of PLAYBOY'S success, there surfaced at least 40-50 " PLAYBOY CLONES,over the years and they all slowly but surely suffered an eventual death . . . . Some  died real fast . . . the quality was just not ever there . . . One of them, PENTHOUSE lasted the longest, but it too died a slow death just a few years ago . . . )
And of course, HUSTLER, which, if it is not pornography, I don't know what is . . . even though, I myself ( Not Peter Plum ) have sold there many times !

Nuf sed.

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