Saturday, November 1, 2014

Woman's World cartoon - Roy Delgado 11-10-14

This drawing appeared on page 3
in the November issue of Woman's World.

Drawings are submitted in black and white,
then after acceptance and purchased, the coloring
is executed by the Woman's World art staff, which
are real experts in the colorizing process.

They always do a great job.


" What is moral
is what you feel after,
and what is immoral
is what you feel bad after. "

- Ernest Hemingway, 1899-1964


" He that loses his conscience
has nothing left worth keeping. "


" NUF SED. . . "



1 comment:

  1. Hey Roy, Really nice job on this, as always! Also, just saw your two Christmas drawings in the SEP. Nice work and funny to boot! You're like the Energizer Bunny...keeps on going, and going and going....
    Gary Z.