Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Barrons cartoon, 2002 - Roy Delgado

This drawing appeared in Barron's
Financial Weekly on page MW18,
November 11, 2002.

Of course, it was rejected by The New Yorker first,
then on the second time out it sold to Barrons.

Is this New Yorker material ? . . . of course, it is.

People say, Roy, why don't you give up ? As long as Mankoff is there, he AIN'T a-gonna buy.  Don't you get it ?  It ain't going to happen.  After over 20,000 rejected cartoons . . . smell the roses, for Crysakes
Quit wasting your time, AND money !

Maybe they're all right, I don't know . . . It's just that I ain't used to losing, I don't like to lose . . . I don't usually lose once I focus on a goal that is reachable, attainable and it is a goal that I KNOW I can reach.  In fact, I don't ever remember setting a goal and not reaching it.  I have the formula.  I KNOW how to set goals.  I have taught people how to set goals and reach them.  It is a science. It is teachable and learnable.

I like what Socrates said that he considered or touted himself to be the wisest of men around at that time.  He was asked, Why do you say that ?

He would calmly and quietly respond by
answering:  " Because I know that I know nothing. " 


It seems like a long time ago, like they say, in "dog" years . . . or in  "magazine cartoon markets "
years . . . The magazines were folding at a good clip in
2002, they were dropping like flies . . .

I guess you might be able to say that even at
that time, there were still a few magor publications
that were still welcoming submissions from freelance magazine cartoonists . . . These were the last of the good ole days . . . at least in THIS business . . .


" You can't hold a man down without
 staying down with him. "

- Booker T. Washington


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