Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Organic Gardening cartoon - Roy Delgado

I think there there is no real good definition of
what constitutes "ORGANIC GARDENING", that is, to the general sap on the street . . . Of course, we know that the real organic farmers do not use chemicals . . . but, but . . . SOME of the "chemicals"  that are used in the other vegetables are placed in there for our own good. 

Some of the "chemicals" are no good, and some are okay . . . . in fact it is for your own safety and welfare that some of the chemicals are placed there in the first place.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, the farmer in this cartoon IS ENGAGED IN ORGANIC GARDENING.


" The more you listen to the voice within you,
the better you will hear what is sounding outside. "

- Dag Hammarskjold


" Take away memory and your love will no
longer exist. "

- Jessica Julian


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