Saturday, August 18, 2012

World-Famous Oatmal Cookies - Roy Delgado


I'm going off-subject just today.  Today, I'm going to talk about OATMEAL COOKIES.  That's right, oatmeal cookies.

All my life, I've searched and purchased, whenever I could to sample whatever they have out there . . . ever since I was a kid, my mother made a good standard home-made oatmeal cookie . . . they were pretty good . . .

Ever since, I have tasted all of the ones out there . . . all the name brands . . . Yes, a lot of them came close to being 
named " The Best oatmeal cookie in the world " . . .
( By me ).

Many came close, but always, always, they came short.

Hint: This recipe DOES contain pecans and raisins. nuf sed.

All this time, throughout the last 40-50 years, my wife Betty made and tweaked various recipes available . . . trouble with most of them, they were either too soft, too hard, too sweet, just not quite right, too much butter, not enough butter, etc., etc. ( As we learned from Goldilocks and the three bears story ) , always, it seemed, it just needed a little " something tweaked " . . . ( No not marijuana ! )


Finally, Finally, I think Betty's recipe has earned the title:  THE WORLD'S BEST OATMEAL COOKIE !

I plan to market this baby . . . remember, you heard it first here.  The logo is ready !

I plan to sell the recipe for 5 bucks, U.S. currency. right here, for starters.  They are normal, standard ingredients you can buy at any grocery store.

If you like cookies, I dare you to try this and not tell me it is not the best oatmeal cookie you ever had.  Double your money back, if you do not agree.  No questions asked.  Double your money back.


" I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday
and I love today. "

- William Allen White


" Please all and you will please none. "

- Aesop
   ( ca. 550B.C. )


To order:
Send five bucks to:

Roy Delgado
"Oatmeal cookies"
PO Box 1135
Petersburg WV 26847

Recipe will be mailed same day.


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